DeBruin Medical Center - Orangevale, CA

About DeBruin Medical Center

Under the guidance of head physician Dr. Mark DeBruin, DeBruin Medical Center strives to provide personalized care for all patients of the practice. Located just outside Sacramento, California, in Orangevale, the single-location medical clinic provides comprehensive general and family care. Within the small practice, doctors at DeBruin Medical Center, including primary physician Dr. DeBruin, can spend more time with patients and form lasting relationships. This patient-physician relationship forms the basis of the care provided at DeBruin Medical Center. The practice offers general family medicine as well as newborn and pediatric care, minor surgical care, and weight management, and features a pharmacy on-site for the convenience of patients.

DeBruin Medical Community Care, an office-based discounted concierge service, assists individuals without health insurance. The participants receive discounts on such treatments as immunizations and injections, X-rays, pap smears, biopsies, sigmoidoscopies, and other minor procedures as well as medications carried in-house. The discounts also extend to durable medical equipment available on-site such as braces and slings. Focusing on preventative care, the DeBruin Medical Center program includes school, sports, pre-employment, and Department of Motor Vehicles physicals and provides access to trained assistants during business hours. Based on availability, the services include scheduled office appointments and discounted referrals to specialists.

Whether covered by health insurance or the office-based Community Care program, patients of DeBruin Medical Center's traditional medical care benefit from utilizing a smaller, more intimate medical practice. For information on services offered or insurance policies accepted by DeBruin Medical Center, prospective patients can visit or call (916) 989-2929.